Expose Your Inner Saboteurs

We are in a series about how people change. In working with my own coach, today’s topic has helped me personally more than almost any other mechanism—exposing the inner saboteur. Furthermore, the people I have coached in the past few years have universally identified...

Become a Dream Igniter

As a leader, you need to understand how people change for 2 primary reasons: First—You must continue to grow yourself in order to lead. If others outpace you in growth, you won’t be the leader for long. You cannot separate growth and leadership. Second—You need to...

Are You Immune To Changing?

Today’s Big Idea: We all have a kind of emotional immune system that may be hidden from our awareness and preventing us from making changes we want to make in our lives. Today we will explore Harvard research that illuminates this habit we all have. In their book...
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