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Science-based tools for personal, family, and business leadership.


Dr. Parker Houston

Dr. Parker Houston
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Dr. Parker Houston

A lasting leadership legacy begins and ends with personal leadership.

The Leadyoufirst blog was created by Dr. Parker Houston to provide people with simple, science-based tools for personal, family, and workplace leadership.

Parker’s personal mission is to improve the way we live and work through the application of psychology and spiritual principles.

As a board-certified organizational and business consulting psychologist, a licensed clinical psychologist, and a certified personal and executive coach—Parker has a unique blend of training and real-world leadership experience. Parker is also a trained Love & Logic parenting solutions facilitator.

There is a tragic shortage of great leadership in the world, and the world needs leaders who lead themselves and their families well—then bring that strong foundation into their organizations.

Over the last decade—Parker has led numerous teams to high performance and held senior executive positions for some of the largest and most challenging mental health programs in California, overseeing departments of more than 200 team members.

Parker is available for leadership workshops. If you would like to reach him, click the button below.

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You can also get to know Parker as co-host of The Next Peak Podcast.

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Who is Parker and what does he do?

Dr. Parker Houston is a licensed clinical psychologist and board-certified organizational and business consulting psychologist. Parker is also certified as a personal and executive coach by the largest coach training program in the world.

His personal mission is to improve the way people live and work through science-based strategies and spiritual principles for personal, family, and business leadership—in that order.

In short—Better habits. Thriving family. Business results.

Parker is certified in Personal and Executive Leadership by the Co-active Training Institute ( He is also a licensed psychologist and board-certified in Organizational and Business-Consulting Psychology. Less than 1% of all psychologists in the US are board-certified in this specialty.

Parker has spent the last 10 years leading complex teams, and has held multiple senior executive positions for some of the largest mental health programs in California.

He leverages his real-world experience as a leader and unique knowledge of human behavior change to help leaders get better results in work—while never losing sight of the things that matter most—our closest relationships, our health, and a vibrant spiritual life.

Parker holds a masters and doctorate in Clinical Family Psychology from Azusa Pacific University.

He lives in El Dorado Hills, California with his beloved wife and two daughters. He has a deep love for adventure and is active in his local church.


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