Tools for leading yourself, your family, and your workplace.

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Great leadership is built on self-leadership.

After nearly 10 years of leading teams and obsessively studying leadership, the singular theme of self-leadership emerged as the vital foundation for lasting leadership influence.

Leadyoufirst is dedicated to defining what self-leadership is—and showing people a leadership path that will help them live with clear priorities, stretch their leadership impact, and avoid the pitfalls of regret.

When people are too focused on workplace leadership, it often comes at a huge cost to their physical, relational, or spiritual health.

There is a tragic shortage of great leaders in the world—and the world needs leaders who lead themselves and their families first—then bring that strong foundation to their work, and world.

Leadyoufirst is committed to becoming your source for research-based tools for self-leadership, strong families, and thriving organizations.  

Are you ready?

Let’s build your leadership legacy now.

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Expose Your Inner Saboteurs

Expose Your Inner Saboteurs

We are in a series about how people change. In working with my own coach, today’s topic has helped me personally more than almost any other mechanism—exposing the inner saboteur. Furthermore, the people I have coached in the past few years have universally identified...

Embrace Experimentation and Fail Forward

Embrace Experimentation and Fail Forward

 "Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It's quite simple, really. Double your rate of failure." -Thomas Watson, CEO IBM Today I want to share some ideas from research about experimentation and failure that have dramatically impacted my ability to make...

Become a Dream Igniter

Become a Dream Igniter

As a leader, you need to understand how people change for 2 primary reasons: First—You must continue to grow yourself in order to lead. If others outpace you in growth, you won’t be the leader for long. You cannot separate growth and leadership. Second—You need to...

About the author

Dr. Parker Houston is a licensed clinical psychologist and board-certified organizational psychologist, with a doctorate in family psychology.

He leverages the science of habit change, performance psychology, and happiness—to help people lead lives of fulfillment and impact.

Parker has held senior executive roles for some of the largest mental health organizations in California.

He lives in El Dorado Hills, California with his beloved wife and two daughters and is active in his local church. Parker loves adventure.

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